As we said recently concerning Disney’s upcoming racer Split/Second, the racing genre can be a tough market to crack. There are some established franchises, and oftentimes a lot of the lesser known titles get lost in the exhaust fumes. It’s a good thing then that Activision Blizzard’s Blur is being developed by a studio with an all-star racing pedigree. Bizarre Creations is best known for the critically acclaimed Project Gotham Racing series on Xbox, and their success with that franchise is precisely why Activision acquired the studio. Now Activision has just released the previously exclusive to beta players multiplayer demo on Xbox Live, so all gold members can download it and check it out. Demos, as we all know, are often a great way to fuel marketing efforts too.

Blur is set to launch on May 25, and you can now watch a brand-new trailer on the game’s official Facebook page (there was no embed code, so please click through to watch) {link no longer active}.