FreeStyle Games, developers of Activision’s upcoming DJ Hero, gave the creators of the game s intro movie at Framestore free reign.  Talking to, UK-based Framestore says the direction they got amounted to going for hyper-real and crazy and not being tethered to game play.

As you’d expect from an intro for a DJ game, what the fully CG movie lacks in set-up and any sense of narrative, it makes up for with an epic setting giant record needle terrorizes planet along with ear thumping sound and eye watering visuals.  If you find yourself pondering how this could be the DJ planet in the same solar system as Brutal Legend, you’re not alone.

Framsestore has told that they are so smitten by working with FreeStyle on DJ Hero that they re considering offering their visual effects tools and expertise for game development.

Watch the intro movie at Creativity-Online.

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