Facebook has already revealed its lavish plans for its mobile advertising, and it appears that these plans are finally going into motion, according to a report from Re/Code.

The social site has begun running a new content-heavy mobile ad system, where ads are put into place through image carousels and autoplay videos, all into one convenient product.

At first, looks can be deceiving, as the ad comes across as just another Facebook post. However, it soon unfolds into a full-screen ad that works like a mini-version of one of its partners advertising websites. From there, users can scroll through many pages of the ad, checking out video and images to go along with the text. Although there s a link to visit that company s particular site through it, most of the ad content is hosted by Facebook itself.

The video below provides an overview of just how the new ad format will work.

{video link no longer active}

Facebook hinted at this format earlier this year during the Cannes Lions event, but this is the first time it s actually been operating, as that was just a mock-up model. It definitely presents a unique format compared to the usual News Feed posts, and enables brands to show their items in a high-quality setting. It also enables the site to keep most of its traffic enclosed, without going over to another site (except for external link clicking, of course).Right now, only a certain group of partners are testing out the format, including Gatorade, Michael Kors, Mr. Porter and Carrefour Spain, as Facebook intends to roll out this new format gradually. However, if it s accepted enough by its audience, don t be surprised if it starts becoming the norm on the mobile front. It s just a matter of seeing how popular they are and how well they re accepted.