Facebook has launched Rooms today for the iPhone, and it is finally not a copy app of something else, like, ahem, Slightshot. Rooms allows users to create micro message boards on whatever topic they choose and to invite others to join in on them.

The boards have functions like other message boards do, like moderators, pinned posts, and so forth but will also allow you to create a username and identity for each room, changing the theme of the room and how the “Like” button appears. Interestingly, Rooms is completely separate from your Facebook.

The opportunities for brands to use this new app are pretty obvious. Brands can curate rooms, conversations, and foster unique communities or participate in communities that are relevant to them. Imagine communities built around game or film releases where a page shares their unique Rooms OR code, allowing their most dedicated of fans access to content that can only be found there.



“We are a tool for making things, so your room brand should be ahead of ours,” said Rooms app creator, Josh Miller. “There’s no Facebook icon or name here. If Apple let us, we’d let each room be a separate app.”

“Communities are just as addictive as things like Facebook,” said Miller.

[a]listdaily will be keeping watch on what brands do with this new app these next few days as Rooms are likely to have more staying power than Facebook’s recent experiments.