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Universal’s film Straight Outta Compton is set to take over theaters this weekend, telling the story of the rap group N.W.A. and its rise to power in the late 80’s and early 90’s. So far, the film has received some great promotion through a meme-driven campaign created by Beats By Dre, enabling users to create their own images with a “#StraightOutta” tag. Now, Giphy’s getting in on the action.

Per a report from Variety, the GIF-popular site has teamed up with Universal to create six customized N.W.A. GIF’s, which can be found here (as well as below). The goal of the imagery is to appeal to millennials on a different set of digital platforms, especially to those who might be worn out on all the Straight Outta memes.

“By putting content through Giphy, you have a better shot at reaching the most hard-to-reach audiences on the planet,” said COO Adam Leibsohn. “You can’t buy an ad inside of Facebook Messenger. You can’t buy an ad inside all of the photo editing tools that we integrate into.”

Other studios have taken the Giphy route as well when it comes to creating powerful moving images for its product. Paramount previously teamed with the site to create custom GIF’s for Terminator Genisys, while HBO also created its own moving images with Game of Thrones.

But the Straight Outta Compton images reach out more to the “hardcore” theme of the film, featuring the members of N.W.A. sounding off on their powerful lyrics to unique art styles created by the likes of Hateplow, Bad Codec and Douglas Schatz, among others.

So far, the campaign seems to be paying off. Straight Outta Compton made $5 million during its Thursday evening shows, and is expected to pull in a hefty amount over the weekend.

Check out the trailer below to get a better idea of what to expect from the film.