Microsoft debuted this trailer for Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake at the X10 Xbox 360 game expo.  The game makers haven t shied away from openly presenting the title as made-for-games Stephen King style horror.  That messaging has been prevalent in the trailers.  The game’s E3 2009 trailer {link no longer active} opened with a near shot-by-shot lifting of two King film opening sequences, pasting director Frasier Clark Heston’s intro for Needful Things  {link no longer active} next to Stanley Kubrick’s for The Shining {link no longer active}. This one plays more like the second-to-third act span in a King film trailer, giving glimpses of the action and hinting to the presence of incarnated evil.  All in all it’s a brilliant tether for the title’s product positioning.

Watch it at GameTrailers {link no longer active}.