When it comes to television advertising for video games, there’s no shortage of them. Microsoft has plenty of Xbox One ads to go around, and Activision has been giving a big push to its first-person shooter Destiny with a fun live-action ad. However, when it comes to how much is actually spent on these ads, no one can top King Digital Entertainment.

Starting earlier this year, the publisher of Farm Heroes Saga and Candy Crush Saga has managed to pay for 11 different TV spots, which have aired over a combined total of 34,000 times, according to a report from advertising intelligence company iSpot.tv. By comparison, Sony only paid for 3,000 ad views, while Microsoft more than doubled that with 7,500.

This may be due to the growth of the mobile market, which has generated more than $21 billion in revenue this year alone – and King plays a big part in that with its various social offerings. That would explain why other companies, like Supercell, Wargaming and Big Fish Games, are bumping up their efforts as well.

Supercell, which has been producing animated ads for its mobile hit Clash of Clans, has paid for 3,000 different TV spots, while Wargaming is close behind with 3,000 and Big Fish down to 1,000 – which still isn’t too shabby.

“We [would] spend, I would say on average, $100 million per quarter on paid marketing,” King chief financial officer Hope Cochran said, speaking during a Deutche Bank conference for investors. “And that has shifted, I would say, over the last couple of quarters, to — it was very mobile ad driven. And we’re still maintaining a strong presence there, but we do feel like we can reach a lot of our players through the cross-promo, and so we’ve been shifting those dollars to TV advertising over time.

Advertising costs can be a concern with companies, but considering that most of King’s releases remain in the top ten download sections for iOS and Android, it has no problem pushing out advertisements, even if the cost ran above $55 million in all. (That’s more than Microsoft spent with its $43 million Xbox campaign and Sony’s $30 million campaign, almost combined.)

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