In the past, millions of users have relied on smaller mobile devices for both viewing and buying purposes, but it appears that the larger-screen peripherals could slowly but surely be taking over, according to Adweek.

With bigger devices, like tablets and the iPhone 6 models, people are able to take in a larger experience than they would on a smaller device. As a result, the Super Bowl was taken in with a larger viewership (NBC offered the game on streaming services, along with broadcast). This may be something that marketers will want to take note of, especially with even more devices likely to be introduced this year.

A report from Adobe Digital Index (ADI) indicates that phones with larger screens (four inches or more) are getting more traffic than they were in the past, while traffic from smaller devices are actually declining. The chart below shows that the increase and decrease in statistics aren’t sharp, but they are steady enough to notice a change in trend.

Larger-screen devices make videos easy to view, as ADI’s results indicate. The second graph below shows that consumption on tablets larger in size increased by 27 percent, while larger smartphones showed a rise by 56 percent, between the third and fourth quarters of last year.

With such a convenient, large device in their hands, users may be compelled to utilize them for more things on a daily basis — including purchases. ADI data indicates that mobile has a 29 percent share of online revenue overall during the Thanksgiving holiday, mostly through iPhone and iPad devices. The third chart below shows a breakdown of just how vital sales were for each device.

Also, according to the report, 46 percent of shoppers believe that they’re less likely to search for multiple options when using a specific app from a company, indicating that a simpler user interface may be their preferred choice when it comes to purchases. This may indicate that marketers should seek ways to draw in more owners of these larger devices, including such options as pre-roll video clips and other savvy tools that will make it easier to find and purchase the items they need.

Video consumption — and purchases — are likely to pick up this year, especially with new companies working on larger, convenient devices for release over the next few months. So don’t be surprised if marketers take part in a big upswing for these devices, in hopes for a better outreach.

Who knows? They just might play a bigger part in the Thanksgiving holiday sales for this year…