MarketLive recently released its Performance Index for the third quarter of this year, and had a message loud and clear for a certain audience: “Merchants must immediately face — and address — the enormous implications and inescapable demands of multi-device shopping and mainstream mobile commerce.”

Smartphone traffic with e-Commerce sites have managed to grow more than 62 percent, with revenue reported well over 141 percent, according to Marketing Land. In comparison, tablets fell behind, with only a modest growth of 20 percent, although that still counts as growth overall.

On the PC front, there was a sign that it “continued to decline,” with a reported 57 percent of traffic to e-Commerce sites, but only responsible for 76 percent of revenues. Smartphones only drove 28 percent of traffic and 11 percent of revenue, while tablets had 15 percent of traffic and 13 percent of revenue.

MarketLive was quick to note the overall two percent decline from conversions in the previous year, with a larger count of shopping cart and checkout abandonment overall, by about 3 and 7 percent, respectively.

The chart below shows overall performance highlights, indicating the exact percentages of these numbers, as well as the overall increase in traffic and revenue. It also detailed engagement, with just over a four-minute time on site overall, and 24 percent home page bounce rate.

This chart also shows the change in revenue for companies, and brick and mortar-based shops lead the charge with 23.7 percent, with apparel following in second place with 10.9 percent. Meanwhile, both beauty and brand have shown a decrease between 5.3 and 8.9 percent.

As far as organic search traffic is concerned, it showed an increase of 31 percent of visits overall, with 26 percent of conversions, while paid-search was slightly less with 18 percent of traffic and 22 percent of revenues in the aggregate, according to the numbers.

It’ll be interesting to see how these numbers hold up over the holiday season, especially with companies looking to get on board with the usual rush of Black Friday sales.