Who would’ve thought that a car company would make “selfie” photos into something more innovative

The Lincoln Motor Company has created a website where users can upload their best “selfie” photos (or worst, if they prefer) to put together a custom song on the fly.

Here’s how it works. The song is put together using certain elements from each photo, with each instrument representing certain parts of the body. Here’s the breakdown:

-The arrangement of eyes puts together the keyboard harmony

-The person’s jawline helps create the bassline

-The formation of lips helps put together the tonality of the guitar

-The rhythmic percussion is formed around the shape of the person’s nose

-The eyebrows help set the ambient tone for the song

The goal of the site is to “celebrate your individuality by turning your selfie into sound, as personal and unique as your own thumbprint,” according to the description on the website.

Lincoln Motor Company has already put together an impressive gallery, showcasing all the different music styles that incorporate with the “selfies” of many users. However, that shouldn’t stop visitors from putting in their own and seeing what kind of creation their photo comes up with.

It’s a unique approach for would-be consumers, as it allows them to integrate with a tool that isn’t usually associated with automobile sellers, providing a distinctive touch that still ties in with Lincoln’s main website.

This isn’t Lincoln’s first attempt at tying in its brand with music genius. A couple of years ago, it hosted an event {link no longer active} where Emmy-winning recording artist Beck performed a cover of David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision” using a 157-piece orchestra, with artists from around the world. The video’s outreach did good business for the company, while at the same time providing Beck more room to stretch his musical creativity.

Indeed, Lincoln is on a roll every time it connects with music. Don’t be surprised if it launches future campaigns that keep things in tune.