Launching a new app or game on the market can always be a risky move, as there’s always a question with outreach — or how well it could do on a global scale. However, Katsuaki Sato is here to help.

A new company called Metaps, founded by Sato, can assist companies with maximizing app downloads and monetization, according to its official blog page. Tech In Asia managed to simplify the terms with its own blog entry.

Said Sato about the service, “We used a scientific, data-based approach in determining which paths to success are available for app developers looking to expand globally.”

So how’s it work? The team utilizes the Google Play top grossing charts of 12 primary app markets, and then checks similarity based on the number of shared titles. In addition, genres that make up the top grossing charts are verified, and then checks in terms of similarities between countries.

Sato explains that the site also uses certain logic when it comes to determining the degree of crossover with the top grossing app charts across two markets. “If no specific apps are shared on the top grossing charts for country A and country B, then the two markets are to be considered similar,” he explained, delving right into the second point. “If all apps are shared, then the two markets are to be considered very similar.”

Sato’s team also put together a chart that breaks down these markets, with dark red markers that show similarities between the apps on the Google Play Top 100 chart, and dark blue posting a dissimilarity. As you can see, both are clearly marked on the chart, making it a little easier to understand.

An additional chart was also put together, highlighting what would happen when the top 10 and top 50 apps were isolated, in order to point out notable differences in terms of tracking a pattern with similar apps.

Sato also noted at the conclusion of the report, “Finally, if you are looking to make a worldwide hit, there is one last point to keep in mind. Non-game apps do not tend to chart high on the Google Play top grossing chart, a trend shared amongst all markets considered here.”

To get more specific market data and learn more about what Metaps has to offer, check out this article here.