The Digital Advertising Alliance, or the DAA, has released a survey asking adult mobile users about their preference for ad-supported or fremium models and to gauge interest in tools for control over what ads are served.

Fifty-eight percent of respondents preferred free apps that were supported by ads as opposed to paying up front for an app that did not have ads. When users were asked if they would download their free apps again if they were required to pay for them, only 8 percent responded that they would.

When it comes to having a modicum of control over what ads are seen, Americans were largely interested in having ads served to them that were geared to their interests and 71 percent of survey respondents overall said they would love to have some tools to give them transparency about these ads in regards to relevancy and the collection of data.

This openess to ads and preference for ad-supported apps would seem to only increase if app users had access themselves to which ads they were shown. It makes sense that a tool that would allow for such transparency would be preferrable to users over fears about big data.

The DAA has said that they are planning to launch “AppChoices” which will provide users with control over mobile advertising.

“[AppChoices will be] a downloadable tool that allows users to manage their relevant advertising preferences in mobile apps. The tool is built on the same robust principles that support DAA’s groundbreaking Web-based program, and provides functionality similar to that of the DAA Icon experience which is served globally at a rate of a trillion times per month” said a resprentative of the DAA to MarketingLand.