Sony has launched its make.believe campaign in the UK, the company s first-ever branding effort merging its electronics and entertainment products into one message. That message is that Sony can whisk you off into worlds of make-believe in movies, videogames or music, thanks to its broad product line. As pointed out by UK ad site Campaign, there is thought behind the slogan and its structure. The dot between make and believe represents the point at which Sony’s innovation (read: tech products) meets creativity (read: content).

The spot launching the campaign has a timely holiday movie feel to it, supported by the choice of music. The holiday brush continues through the first transition from reality to make-believe, where a young urban hipster finds himself in what could be Sony’s high-tech version of Santa’s workshop. From there, clever use of iconography such as Sony’s trademark PlayStation X-button and Walkman logos take viewers on a journey of popular Sony content.

Campaign reports that the ad will be running in UK cinemas starting this month. Watch it at Campaign.