We’ve talked previously about Capcom’s Street Fighter V, the next chapter in the company’s ongoing fighting series. In that article, we discussed its potential through a growing roster of returning and new faces alike, along with a unique system where content can be unlocked in game without needing to pay an extra cent for downloadable content – certainly a change of pace from what many have come to expect in the game business.

But the real genius here is how Capcom is slowly but surely getting people excited for the PC/PlayStation 4 fighting game, thanks to paced roster reveals that indicate who’s being added to the game. A few weeks ago, the company announced the debut of Necalli, a powerful warrior with flowing locks of hair and an incredible physique, capable of pounding even the most prominent foe to the ground.

Weeks before that, at E3, Capcom revealed two more veteran fighters for the game, Birdie (from the Street Fighter Alpha series) and Cammy, a fan favorite with a combination of sexy looks and versatile movement. Again, it seems to be all about pacing, where Capcom is building up its roster to get people more excited for the game.

That build continues this week at Gamescom, as the company unveiled another returning favorite, the quick and deadly Vega. Wearing a claw that can do extensive damage either with straightforward stabs or ranged attacks, Vega can also grab enemies and slam them to the ground before they even know what hit them. His debut trailer is below.