Breakout of most-played social casino genres, 2015.

[Social Casino Genre/Percentage of respondents that played in the last month for PC, Smartphone and Tablet]

  1. Casino: 80 percent, 62 percent, 54 percent.
  2. Slots: 74 percent, percent, 61 percent.
  3. Bingo, 54 percent, 49 percent, 52 percent.
  4. Poker: 47 percent, 34 percent, 30 percent.
  5. Other table games: 24 percent, 21 percent, 17 percent.

SuperData, the leading provider of market intelligence on playable media and digital games, today released its report Social Casino Market: US Player Insights on the US market for social casino gaming. Valuing the total market for social and mobile casino games at $1.5 billion in 2015, the US continues to be the world’s largest. As the market has started to mature, a survey among players reveals that an emphasis on ‘mobile only’ is no longer enough to service this audience. Rising consumer expectations, the report finds, demand a different strategy for each of the platforms.

“PC players are more likely than their mobile counterparts to play all-in-one casino games like DoubleDown Casino. These games offer ample variety for long play sessions,” says SuperData Analyst, Carter Rogers. “On mobile, where shorter, on-the-go sessions are the norm, slots are the top casino game type.” In addition to identifying key consumer trends among social casino players, the Social Casino Market: US Player Insights report also focuses on the reasons why players stop playing games. According to the report, one of the ways that social casino games keep players interested is by featuring competitive multiplayer capabilities.

Key findings include:

  • Seventy-four percent (74%) of social casino players play on either a tablet or smartphone. While PC is the most popular individual platform, smartphone and tablet players together make up a bigger portion of social casino players.
  • On PC, the lifetime value of those who spend on all-in-one casino games is $611.29. While smartphone spenders tend to have longer life spans, PC player’s high average monthly spending means their lifetime value across all genres averages 85 percent higher.
  • Four out of five PC players play all-in-one casino games, while slots games are the top genre on mobile. Because PC game sessions tend to be longer than those on mobile, PC players favor games offering a wide variety of content.
  • The average PC social casino user plays four casino games at once, one more than mobile players. The contracting PC social casino market means only the most dedicated players still play on the platform.
  • Mobile casino players are more than twice as likely as PC players to make monthly in-game purchases. PC payers spend 97 percent more on average than their mobile counterparts each month.
  • Social media ads are how 53 percent of social casino players hear about new games. Social casino games stand apart from most video game genres, where word-of-mouth is the most common way to learn about new games.
  • Seventy percent (70%) of social casino players return to a game after quitting. New features and bug fixes lure back more former players than promotions or bonus in-game currency.