Sometimes all it takes to transform that dreary commute is a dose from your sweet music library.  Sony Ericsson takes that trip in this colorful ad for its headphones.

The spot uses a combination of simple cartoon animation and claymation (or really good looking digital clay ).  The premise is simple.  The ad starts in a drab and dreary commuter train where everything is black and white except for our product protagonist, a young kid.  As soon as the kid dons his presumably Sony Ericsson headphones, the train transforms.  Funkadelic sound and psychedelic colors fill the scene as previously somber passengers groove and inanimate objects come to life, all as if hearing his music.  It s a visually pleasing transformation, and the ad uses a nice plot cum product messaging device to reinforce it.  The kid is interrupted by a phone call, which he seamlessly answers with the same headphones, during which everything goes back to drab.   To make matters worse, a giant of a man enters the train and sits right next to him during the sequence.  What to do?   Put on the headphones, and everything goes back to normal.

Watch the spot at BrandFreak.