Online video pusher Unruly Media, which based on their web site wallpaper just might be responsible for making you watch Evian’s Rollerblading Babies, has a great tool for tracking viral videos.  They have a site that charts top videos based on viewer traffic and provides metrics for each, such as online mentions in different languages and where the videos were included in blogs and Tweets.  Their top 100 chart tracks videos of all kinds, whether branded, user-generated or music videos.  Essentially it’s a list of whatever s drawing eyes.  But they have category charts, for instance to show only the top brand or game  videos, and also the ability to beak down what s been drawing the most traffic by day, week, month or year.

While the[a]listdaily will continue to feature Ad Age’s weekly chart of top ten brand videos, this is a great one to bookmark and keep track of the latest, greatest.  If anything, use it to spot a goodie and be the first to send it to friends. FTW.

Check it out at Unruly Media s site.