, the popular game streaming service that sees over 100 million monthly viewers, has been making strides in adding music to its channel, both through tunes that can be played by users during their broadcasts and with live music specials, including Steve Aoki and other artists. Now, it’s pushing its collection even further, partnering up with the Rhymesayers label to bring hip-hop to the channel.

With the partnership, Twitch will bring more than 100 songs in the hip-hop category to the Twitch Music Library for users to utilize however they please. This brings the total music library to over 1,000 tunes available for broadcasters, doubling what was initially offered back in January.

Rhymesayers has made a name for itself over the last 20 years, helping independent hip-hop artists rise to stardom. Performers such as Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Dilated Peoples, P.O.S. featuring Mike Mictian of Doomtree and Aesop Rock are amongst the many available in the Twitch music library.

“The Twitch community’s taste in music is as varied as the games they play,” said Colin Carrier, CSO and head of music for Twitch. “By being able to offer Twitch broadcasters such a large collection of music to use from Rhymesayers’ robust catalog, it ensures fans of independent hip-hop have plenty of choices.”

“It’s important for Rhymesayers to have our music where people are listening,” said Skye Rossi, CFO for the label. “With so many gamers in our audience, we’re excited to be a contributor to the Twitch community.”

Grieves, one of the artists featured in the deal, also spoke on the partnership. “I’m excited to be a part of this launch on Twitch ’cause not only do I get to share music with the world, but I get to game with it as well,” he said. “Bump the music, bang with me on the digital battle ground, but most of all, have FUN! That’s what this is all about.”

The deal should be beneficial for both sides, bringing in new Twitch fans eager to use Rhymesayers’ music, and introducing the label to an audience that will appreciate the presence of hip-hop. The label will host a community event tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. PDT to celebrate the announcement, with artists like Grieves and others taking part in gameplay sessions of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Fans of the label can attend the event on the official Rhymesayers Twitch page.