Twitter is always looking for new ways to expand its reach in the social media world, as indicated by its recent business moves it’s taken, including several revenue-generating measures. This week, it continued to expand on those horizons, adding another agency to the fold.

The company announced earlier this week, via CNET, that it has acquired a New York start-up called Niche, which provides connection with social media superstars and brands in an effort to create a new wealth of sponsored content. It works along the same lines of Tumblr’s Creators project, working as a talent agency that provides better outreach for certain talents that know their stuff on the social media front.

Although Twitter didn’t disclose just how much it invested in the company (it’s rumored to be worth about $30 million), it did explain its interest in it, as “a provider of software, community and monetization services for the growing creative community.”

More and more advertisers are dipping into deals with social media superstars, and this deal with Niche will help Twitter make the most out of said business proposition. “The talent and creativity across the entire media landscape is incredible, and we hope this acquisition continues to inspire people to create great content,” the company explained in a recent blog post.

With the boost in social media, the deal with Niche could also create new revenue circles for Twitter, in an effort to get it back to profitability. This could easily push it past its previously reported quarter of profit, and provide a possibility of getting new consumers in the fold as well.

Niche had previously worked with Twitter on a Vine video, one that was inspired enough to create a full-length commercial featuring several of them interconnected together. You can check out that commercial below, which has plenty of pop, especially Zach King, who creates a glass of orange juice with his tablet. (Don’t try this at home, kids.)