Native advertising is certainly quite a trend with a few companies these days, and it’s only going to grow even stronger over the next few years. That said, eMarketer has a few suggestions when it comes to getting the right ingredients for an effective native advertisement.

According to BI Intelligence, the forecast for U.S. native ad spending will rise a whopping 35 percent this year, up to $10.7 billion. It’ll go even higher by 2018, nearly doubling that amount to $21 billion.

However, what’s important to a native advertisement will help its effectiveness. A study by the Association of National Advertisers, or ANA for short, indicates that, through a recent poll, 96 percent of respondents explained that creating native ads that feature contextual relevance to surrounding editorial content can be an important key to an effective native ad. In addition, 63 percent of those polled said it was “very” important, and shouldn’t be missed.

Under two-thirds of those polled indicated that it was vital for native ad formats to match editorial content, although only 26 percent said that this was “very” important. Three-quarters of those polled also stated that native ads should act like surrounding content that interact with their articles. However, the key is that they need to be recognized as contextually relevant right away, or the interaction could be missed.

Out of those polled, two-thirds of the audience felt that native advertising needs a clear disclosure, so that potential consumers don’t get confused over sponsored editorial content. Only 13 percent of those polled disagreed and like it the way this is done.

When it comes to the proper terms with distinguishing native advertisements, the word “advertisement” came in first, with 81 percent of those polled easily recognizing the term. “Ad” was in second place with 70 percent, while a trio of “sponsored” terms, including “sponsored by,” “sponsored content” and “sponsored”, are also quite easily received. “Paid” and “paid content” are also easily recognized.

As for native advertising’s impact, The 614 Group and AdMonsters recently held a study late last year, in which 88.7 percent of US digital advertising, marketing and media executives stated that native advertising would be “somewhat” or “very” pervasive in 2015. Understanding how to maximize native advertising efforts is vital in order to continue its success, according to them.

More detailed information on the polls can be found here.