When two social media giants team up, it provides enough impact for marketers to listen – and they probably won’t want to miss out on this.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo confirmed that the social site has teamed up with Google in a “firehose deal,” which will allow the company’s tweets to be used in Google searches once again. As such, Twitter expects to drive in more traffic for the site.

Tweets disappeared from Google searches back in 2011, lessening the impact of looking up particular information posted on the social media site. Now, with this deal, they’ll be brought back into the spotlight, although Costolo stated that they won’t appear for “several months,” according to TechCrunch.

With the deal, Google will also benefit, as it’ll be able to use real-time content with its searches, along with traditional website searches. This, in turn, can benefit marketers in a number of ways. AdAge recently posted an article that explains five different tips that can be used to integrate these new search and social terms with the deal, and they’re briefly broken down below:

Search and intent-based optimization is now a critical factor. The right optimized content has to be used in search terms, or there’s a possibility that it can’t be seen at all. Brands need to revitalize with its search and social teams, having them work together to optimize tweets and social messages with high-value content.

Treat tweets like ads or landing pages. A tweet can be more than a simple message, as the Google results now allow it to have a large increase in organic reach. “Brands need to treat tweets like ads or landing pages,” the article reads. “Have a meaningful call to action in your tweets or have a link to the brand site with more information. A simple message is not going to get your user to take action.”

Monitor conversations and react. Interaction can be key for driving up a larger consumer base. Should someone leave a negative comment, ignoring it can be a problem. Companies will want to be proactive and engage or offer some form of remediation to fix the problem. In the past, brands may have just considered letting them pass; but with Google now being a factor, resolution becomes a necessity.

Words last forever. With Google and Twitter intertwined, tweets can still show up on Google, even after deletion, so brands will want to be careful with statements made on their sites, as well as security. (A recent breach on Chipotle’s Twitter page shows just how easily someone can go in and hack it with negative perception – consider it a lesson that brands should learn.)

Anticipate the search impact. With new content on a search results page comes a bigger impact on overall search traffic. A paid listing can have an effect with organic traffic, but posting tweets can improve that, along with paid traffic. They should still be monitored, though, with key terms and adjusted bidding for certain corporate outreach.

More information can be found in the report here.