Just because a mobile user sees an ad on their screen doesn’t necessarily mean a guaranteed click on said ad. In fact, most can easily be ignored in favor of more practical mobile uses.

A report by eMarketer indicates that not all mobile ads are successful. There is a strong circulation of them, with approximately 70 percent of mobile users in the United States that utilize smartphones and/or tablets see mobile ads during their browsing sessions. Out of those, however, 43 percent of smartphone owners polled said they clicked on an ad that was featured, compared to 37 percent of those that own tablets.

Another report by SSI, or Survey Sampling International, also had interesting numbers when it came to mobile ads. While a great deal of time is spent with applications, mobile device users were more likely going to click on ads within the mobile website, according to said report. A third of those polled had done so within the past few months, compared with the 26 percent who reported to have interacted with an in-app mobile ad. This covered devices across the board, including mobile phones and smartphones.

Most ads were ignored mainly due to lack of interest. Some 47 percent of smartphone owners and 43 percent of tablet users felt that the ads just didn’t offer anything interesting enough to click on, which could result in certain advertisers changing the way they present ads in mobile marketing. Relevance also played a vital part in why the ads weren’t getting clicked, with 38 and 34 percent, respectively, reporting said reason.

What’s even more startling is that some people couldn’t even see the ad. Out of those polled, 21 percent of smartphone users and 20 percent of tablet owners didn’t even look at the ad, simply getting to where they needed to go with their search instead.

Could this bring about a change in how certain advertisers do business with advertising on mobile devices? Only time will tell, but these numbers can be hard to ignore.

Source: eMarketer