Microsoft is preparing a new firmware update for its Xbox One console that will add a number of most-wanted features to the system, mainly revolving around involving friends in game experiences and tech support for a number of new items.

The first notable feature with the update is a new “Friends” section, which will be expanded in the full Preview program shortly. This will allow users to see at a glance what’s going on within their friend community, keeping up on activities and seeing what the most popular games are.

Snap Center will also make its debut, enabling users to keep track of messages, friends, parties and Achievements through the split-screen Xbox Snap feature, all without having to leave the current game that they’re playing.

Messages will also be threaded, allowing users to embed links to recorded Game DVR clips, and keep track of previous conversations.

The Media Player will enable users to use an attached USB device or a network connected home media hub that supports DLNA protocol. This will enable the system to support more formats, including JPG’s, AIFF’s and much, much more.

The ability to stream television to the SmartGlass app will be a huge feature for some, as it allows users utilizing the just-announced Digital TV Tuner to stream their programming to their mobile device, utilizing the Xbox One system. They can also change channels and play and rewind programming, without interrupting the game they’re playing on their current system. The television can also be “booted” Directly through their console.

Finally, a Live TV mini guide will provide programming of what’s on TV, with channel listings and more, all without interrupting gameplay.

There’s no word when the firmware update will go live, but users probably won’t have to wait long. One thing’s for sure – that TV sharing feature will no doubt be a hit, especially if a loved one won’t stop playing Titanfall.

Source: Xbox Wire