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Global Consumers Like Social Conscious Brands

By | April 5, 2012 |

According to Nielsen in their 2012 Global Corporate Citizenship Survey, 46 percent of global consumers are willing to pay extra for products and services from companies that show a commitment to social responsibility through their campaigns and programs. Those that responded said they were 62 percent more likely to work for these companies and 59 percent more likely to invest.

“It’s clear that corporate social responsibility efforts resonate with a specific group of consumers,” said Nic Covey, VP of Nielsen Cares, Nielsen’s global corporate social responsibility program. “Marketers need to know who those consumers are in order to maximize the social and business return of their cause marketing efforts. This understanding allows brands to engage in social impact efforts that appeal to the right consumers with the right causes and through the right channels.”

“Knowing what causes are most important to the socially-conscious consumer may help brands prioritize their social investments. The next step is to understand precisely what causes are important to a brand’s individual customers,” said Covey. “Not all consumers expect companies to care about social responsibility, but those that do can be segmented and understood in ways that allow brands to engage in cause marketing that appeals to the right consumers, supports the right causes and engages the right marketing channels.”