Gree Closes Down OpenFeint

By David Radd

Posted November 20, 2012

Gree has announced that it will shut down OpenFeint on December 14, doubling back on Gree's promise to keep the in-game social networking platform open until the third quarter of 2013. This gives developers a limited time to port their games.

“Our game GoNinja has had over 1.5 million downloads on Android and iOS,” said developer George Deglin. “Even if we push an update in time, thousands of our users won’t know to download it and will get a failed game. It’s very frustrating. If we do nothing, new users and users who have previously opted into OpenFeint in GoNinja will most likely not be able to launch our game after the OpenFeint shutdown — it will freeze on the loading screen,” said Deglin. “Since our game has been out for a while now and has so many people who have downloaded it, it’s possible that many of them will leave a bad review upon the game failing.”

Games that are migrated to Gree can reclaim their achievement definitions, screenshots, and game descriptions. The top 1,000 players from a game's OpenFeint leaderboards can all be transferred to its service.



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