The worldwide digital video games market grew 16 percent year-over-year in July to $7.8 billion, according to SuperData’s monthly report. Free-to-play MMOs experienced the most growth in terms of genre, at 29 percent.

Mobile and console segments experienced significant growth last month as well—up 17 and 21 percent, respectively while premium PC grew only few eight percent year-over-year.

GTA V Steals The Spotlight

Digital growth in the US was led by the console segment, thanks to a 20 percent rise in console digital revenue year-over-year and an 18 percent increase in free-to-play PC revenue. Now that the Xbox One X and SNES Classic Edition consoles are available for pre-order, the global console segment is expected to remain on an upward trajectory.

“I have no doubt that the SNES Classic will go gangbusters,” SuperData CEO Joost van Dreunen told AListDaily. “It’s really the year of Nintendo in terms of turning both consumer and investor sentiment around. Initial appetite for the Xbox One X appears to be strong, with pre-orders on Amazon currently outperforming PS4. That’s not to be undervalued given the relatively high price point of the new device.”

In terms of software, Grand Theft Auto V held the number one console spot for July—a position held since June—enjoying the success of its most popular DLC, Gunrunning, released last month. Through its microtransactions model, GTA Online grew significantly year-over-year for the month of July across console and PC, SuperData said, although that it did not outperform its record-breaking numbers in June.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered broke into the console top 10 (at number nine) after having a standalone release on PS4 late in June and releasing late this month on Xbox One.

PUBG Battles For Supremacy

League of Legends (LoL) dominated the top of the PC charts last month, also holding its number one spot from June.

Climbing the ranks is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), which rose one spot from number seven in June to number six for worldwide digital game revenue in July. The breakout hit sold another 1.6 million digital units last month, pushing total sales over six million, and its user base grew to 4.9 million.

While the popularity of PUBG is fueled by livestreams and competitions—ESL is hosting a tournament at Gamescom this week, for example—van Dreunen warns not to rely too heavily on esports to sell games.

“Esports has proven to be an increasingly important component, especially to digital-only game publishing,” said van Dreunen. “Despite having a positive effect on sales, esports should be regarded as a catalyst rather than a solution to mediocre game design. For games like PUBG and LoL, the competitive circuit has particularly benefitted both firms’ marketing efforts and extended the player lifecycle.”

Roblox achieved record high monthly active users (MAU) on PC, in July. Coming in at number 10 on the PC charts, the game continues its push with a sequential-month gain in MAU. “On the other hand,” SuperData noted, “monthly revenue appears to have temporarily leveled off due to a slight drop in both conversion and ARPPU.”

Gotta Catch . . . Well, More Than Last Month, Anyway

Pokémon GO returned to the top 10, enjoying a boost from their anniversary event. Pokémon GO has grown month-over-month, experiencing its strongest month of the year so far in July. Despite the uptick in revenue, however, this is still lower than the $150+ million generated last July when the game launched.

Honour of Kings held its top spot for mobile revenue, and Fantasy Westward Journey did the same at number two. Coming in at number three, however, is NCSoft’s breakout hit, Lineage M that launched in South Korea June 21. Despite launching less than ten days before the end of the second quarter, Lineage M contributed the majority of NCsoft’s ₩93.7 billion ($83.1 million) mobile game revenue. The fantasy MMO knocked Clash of Kings down the charts to number six.