To promote the Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett-created mini-series Good Omens, Amazon pulled all the stops with an activation appropriately titled ‘Garden of Earthly Delights” that takes over an entire block on Driskill and Rainey Street in downtown Austin.

The activation serves as a welcome respite for beleaguered SXSW attendees with manicure stations with butterLONDON and Cosmedix, a salon for hair braiding in partnership with SexyHair, and a pen of adorable (and adoptable) “Hellhounds” courtesy of Austin’s Animal Center.

Along with the usual beer and wine stations, the main feature of the activation was a 20-foot free with pickable “prophetic apples” and a replica of Crowley’s 1926 Bentley.

“Protesters” walk tirelessly around the perimeter of the event warning attendees of the impending end of the world, lightly discouraging people from entering and accusing those in line at the activation of witchcraft.

“With the end of the world imminent, we figured what better place than SXSW to celebrate a few of the good things our world has to offer?” said Mike Benson, head of marketing at Amazon Studios in a press release. “We’ve created an immersive experience that Good Omens book fans will love, but also anyone who might like to celebrate Armageddon. You never know what type of apocalyptic creatures may be inhabiting Austin during the SXSW festival, so we are happy to provide an escape for all to enjoy the end-of-times with us.”

Benson is referring to actors who are roving around the festival, portraying “bickering angels,” nuns, demons and Witch Finders, all of whom are prophetically foretelling the end of the world.

The activation is holding a variety of events throughout the festival, including parties in partnership with Entertainment Weekly and Buzzfeed and a portrait studio.

Amazon, which released the trailer for Good Omens only earlier this week, is clearly putting significant efforts into the promotion of the series which stars David Tennant and Michael Sheen and comes out May 31.