Mobile developer Game Insight has enlisted action star Danny Trejo to promote a new mode in shooter game Guns of Boom.

Guns of Boom‘s new free-for-all mode kicks off with “Trejo Tournament,” starring Danny Trejo’s likeness and voice. This is the first time that Game Insight has partnered with a celebrity at this scale.

Trejo Tournament runs April 17 to June 15, after which free-for-all mode will continue. While the actor is not officially participating in his namesake tournament, Game Insight told AListDaily that they’re “sure” he’ll participate on a personal level.

“[Trejo is] an existing member of the Guns of Boom community, making this the best possible opportunity we could have hoped for,” said Game Insight CEO Anatoly Ropotov in a statement.

Trejo, known for his work in a long line of films—including the Machete franchise—appears in a number of promotional videos for the event, alongside a campaign that will include social channels for both Trejo and Guns of Boom. Shorter promotional videos will also run on a variety of internet-based ad platforms.

Guns of Boom released a teaser image on Twitter Monday, revealing that someone with the initials “D.T.” would be claiming “his event” and inviting fans to guess his identity. Several fans guessed correctly—and early—after Portuguese fans spotted an official announcement released ahead of the US.

Trejo has a long history of appearing in video games, beginning with Def Jam: Fight for NY in 2004. Since then, he has lent his likeness and/or voice to several video game characters, from Call of Duty: Black Ops to Taco Run!an app designed to promote Trejo’s Tacos restaurants.

Celebrity spokespeople have become common for marketing mobile games. Some more notable examples include Arnold Schwarzenegger for Mobile Strike and Jason Statham for Sniper X.

Other celebrities simply create their own apps and games as an extension of their personal brand. Chef Gordan Ramsey, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Brittany Spears and DJ Khaled are among recent stars to incorporate mobile games into their marketing strategies.