Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom rocked theaters with a massive marketing campaign for the movie when it launched in June, and now Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is looking to repeat some of that dino-sized enthusiasm with the at-home release. The company partnered with Facebook Messenger to create in-store and at-home augmented reality experience timed with the release of its Blu-ray/DVD edition.

Participating retailers across 18 countries will begin showcasing special Fallen Kingdom displays that include instructions for how to activate the AR feature. Scanning a QR code will launch the Facebook Messenger camera, bringing fans up-close and personal with the movie’s dinosaurs. In the US, over 17,000 retail stores and grocery chains will participate in the campaign.

According to an announcement, this is “the largest retail effort of its kind for both partners,” in addition to being the first integrated AR experience done through Facebook Messenger.

The displays will be shown in stores for a limited time, but fans can bring the experience home with them if they purchase the movie. Each box contains an insert that is activated using the Facebook Messenger camera. Doing so brings up a baby version of the film’s signature Velociraptor, Blue. Baby Blue can be placed virtually anywhere, and users can take photos and videos of the dinosaur acting playfully, curiously or aggressively in the environment.

Although this is the largest campaign Facebook has partnered to do, its AR platform has been used to bring characters into the real world before. Last summer, it partnered with Clash of Clans developer Supercell to celebrate the game’s anniversary with a similar AR experience.