Spotify is offering more advertising insights by expanding its partnership with Nielsen. The integration of Nielsen Brand Effect captures exposure to audio, video and display ad formats across the app, giving marketers more data with which to make campaign decisions.

Brands advertising on Spotify now have access to Nielsen Brand Effect in addition to Nielsen Ad Ratings. The extended partnership grants Spotify marketers tools that measure the effectiveness of a campaign by tracking exposure to audio, video and display formats heard or seen across desktop, mobile and connected devices.

Spotify’s integration of Nielsen Brand Effect is now available in the US, Germany, Canada, Mexico UK, Spain, France, Netherlands Japan and Australia.

“As our advertising platform matures, we’ve set out to prove that Spotify is so much more than the cool kid on the block—it’s a valuable platform that delivers major impact for brand advertisers,” said Brian Benedik, global head of advertising at Spotify in a statement. “With Nielsen’s industry-leading measurement tools in our arsenal, we’re able to prove just how big that impact is.”

The streaming music app reported 23 percent YoY growth in ad-supported users during Q2, totaling 101 million. Spotify is building a two-sided marketplace to provides tools and services for labels and artists to focus on promotion and marketing.

Music streaming has become a $5.6 billion industry, and adding Nielsen Brand Effect to its offerings allows Spotify to continue its growth through what it calls “data storytelling.”

“The thing I think a lot about is how to get the most out of the data,” Danielle Lee, global head of partner solutions at Spotify told AList in a previous interview. “Big data is just that but if you can extract the insights that are going to resonate with different communities, [those] insights are going to allow us to tell stories that haven’t been told before.”