Streaming music has become a way of life—and a $5.6 billion industry that has become attractive to brands hoping to reach consumers engaging in a pastime they enjoy. For Danielle Lee, global head of partner solutions at Spotify, data generated on the platform creates more than statistics—it tells a story.

“Data storytelling is something we’re super passionate about. It’s something we use to inform our own brand messages back to consumers and to advertisers,” Lee told AList. “When we think about leveraging streaming intelligence in terms of forming the creativity, we bring that offering to our brand partners in really smart ways using our API tools and consulting on how they can create experiences that are additive.”

Lee used the example of a Snickers campaign that displayed “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” ads when a Spotify user deviated from their usual music taste. Tapping the ad redirected users to a sponsored playlist called The Hunger Hits.

“People have such a personal relationship to music,” said Lee. “The biggest insight is that [users] learn a lot about themselves based on how they stream.”

In addition to Spotify’s end of year billboard campaign, users get personalized reports on their streaming activity, as well as recommendations for music they might have missed.

“The thing I think a lot about is how to get the most out of the data,” Lee explained. “Big data is just that but if you can extract the insights that are going to resonate with different communities, [those] insights are going to allow us to tell stories that haven’t been told before.”

In this way, Lee hopes to use Spotify as a way to bring consumers closer to themselves and to brands they can enjoy.

“[Spotify sits] at the intersection of the music industry, tech and media spaces and it has been quite remarkable. We’re super focused on creating amazing consumer experiences—ones that are personalized and help people discover more about themselves and the communities we live in.”