For TikTok, whose logo is is modeled after the shape of a music note, music is everything. Just look at the Billboard top music charts and it’s easy to draw direct lines to songs that have taken off on TikTok.

Trends on the platform largely revolve around trending sounds, which has made careers for artists who have broken through. Now, we are seeing the music industry cater to creating music with viral potential on TikTok, and has now become the preferred channel for marketing new music releases.

“It’s the top of every label’s strategy for getting their artists out there,” says Bryan Cosgrove, Director of Commercial Music and Creative Licensing at TikTok in a blog post. “And what’s driving these campaigns is not high touch from anyone at the organization, but the community. We’ve really let the community power that discovery and power that engagement.”

But this impact isn’t only extending into the music industry, but how brands are leveraging the platform. 

According to TikTok’s own statistics, 50 percent of users say music makes content on TikTok more engaging, uplifting and energizing, with 88 percent of users citing sound as a vital component to the TikTok experience.

It’s been well-known for decades the power that sound has for brand recall. Jingles and sonic logos have long leveraged sound’s impact. 

According to TikTok’s data, brand recall with sound is 8x greater than brand visuals, colors, slogans and logos, showing that now more than ever, it is important for brands to manage their sonic identity.