Nostalgia marketing is in full swing at OTT service VRV as it announces the on-demand debut of NickSplat. Nickelodeon’s ’90s show line-up is going on the road with a series of experiential pop-ups designed to recreate audiences’ TV childhood.

Nickelodeon has partnered with VRV (pronounced “verve”) to bring its NickSplat TV line-up to OTT for the first time. VRV is a fan-focused video aggregation platform from Ellation that offers SVOD channels such as Crunchyroll, Funimation, Rooster Teeth, Shudder and now NickSplat.

The new NickSplat channel will feature selections from the ’90s and early 2000s including Are You Afraid of the Dark?, CatDog, Clarissa Explains It All, Doug and Rocko’s Modern Life. VRV will be the exclusive channel at launch and continue to be exclusive for “most of the content,” Ellation revealed.

With this news, fans are being invited to put “adulting” on hold. VRV is relying heavily on nostalgia with an experiential marketing activation in Santa Monica from September 8-9. Dubbed “Childhooding Zone,” the pop-up will feature a stocked breakfast cereal bar, inflatable furniture, ’90s décor and of course, a place to eat cereal and watch NickSplat. The activation will feature a giant cereal bowl that visitors can swim and pose in for social media.

“This is definitely one of the largest scale marketing campaigns we’ve done to date in terms of budget and time,” Elizabeth Moothart, senior director of marketing at Ellation told AList. “Pretty much anyone in this target range of late 20s to early 30s has been exposed to these [NickSplat] shows before, so [the channel] is one of our broadest reaching types of content. Because of that, we really want to use the NickSplat brand and use these shows to drive awareness to VRV.”

Moothart explained that they will work with social media influencers to drive awareness for the events, as well as encourage use of the official hashtag #ChildhoodingWithVRV on social media.

After its appearance in Santa Monica, the Childhooding Zone will travel across the country, where it will be installed outside of New York Comic Con. Nickelodeon isn’t the only one delving into new territory with this partnership. This activation will mark the first time Ellation has created a dedicated, stand-alone event outside of an existing event or partnered with marketing delivery service Fooji.

“We wanted to create a place that physically embodied a fan’s childhood and deliver that nostalgia in an impactful way,” Moothart said.

Those who use the #ChildhoodingWithVRV hashtag, use a TV emoji and list their favorite NickSplat show will have a ’90s-themed box of snacks delivered to them. The boxes will include snacks like AirHeads, Gushers and Teddy Grahams in addition to codes for VRV Premium and “other goodies.”

“We wanted to go for places that were high traffic among our target demographic and also by aligning with NYCC, we can do some pretty interesting things there, too,” said Moothart. “We can tell people who are at our activation inside Comic Con to also come to this one, which will be off-site just outside the venue. It gives us a lot of opportunities to overlap with other things that our partners and Crunchroll are doing as well.”

The marketing campaign for NickSplat purposely sticks to those who grew up with the content, Moothart explained.

“We’re not trying to introduce NickSplat to a new audience and we’re not marketing to children, even though the shows were originally created for children,” said Moothart. “This is all about nostalgia. We want fans of the show to remind themselves of their childhood, reminisce about the shows that they love and rewatch this content that they’ve already watched.”