Warner Bros. continues its strategy of AR/VR film marketing with the Rampage: AR Unleashed mobile app.

Rampage: AR Unleashed allows users to insert one of three raging monsters from the film into everyday surroundings and record the “encounter.”

The AR app launched on Android and iOS devices Wednesday as part of Warner Bros.’ Monster Week with a push on social media and a contest for app users. Running through March 23, the Rampage Monsters Unleashed contest offers a trip for two to meet Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at the film’s premiere in either London or Los Angeles.

Users can upload up to three video entries to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, which will be judged on relevance to the Rampage movie, creativity, technical execution and overall impression. Within a few hours of the contest announcement, dozens of entries began appearing on social media.

Capitalizing on Johnson’s sports background as a professional wrestler, Warner Bros. teamed up with sports news site 90min to promote the contest in France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Johnson personally invited fans to enter the contest through pre-recorded videos shared on 90min as well as posts on his social accounts.

Warner Bros. has actively used AR and VR to promote its film releases over the past few years, and the studio doesn’t appear to be slowing down. VR experiences for Ready Player One were on display at SXSW and the company is testing marker-based AR with the Facebook camera.

Just last month, “Lara’s Escape” was launched for Oculus Rift to promote Tomb Raider. Previous Warner Bros. VR experiences include tie-ins for Suicide Squad, Justice League, Blade Runner 2049 and IT.

Warner Bros. appears to have long-term plans for AR and VR, as well. The entertainment giant filed a patent recently that integrates AR and VR headsets into a theater viewing experience, both inside and outside the home.

AR and VR have become popular means of film promotion for other studios, ranging from 360-degree experiences to interactive VR.

Sony is an active player in the space, releasing AR experiences for Insidious: The Last Key and VR experiences for Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Ghostbusters and others.

Lionsgate, too, released a series of VR experiences that tied into Jigsaw and John Wick. Twentieth Century Fox created “Alien: Covenant in Utero” in 360-degree VR, and Universal turned to VR to promote The Mummy.