There’s no better way to reach a specific audience than to have them conceive the content that genuinely grabs their attention. American Eagle partnered with 10 Gen Z influencers for their #AExME Spring campaign to do creative takeovers.

“This spring, AE is amplifying the voices of our customers by joining forces with a group of inspiring Gen Z’ers to help encourage others to share their unique style through our spring collection and Ne(X)t Level Jeans,” said Chad Kessler, American Eagle global brand president in a press release.

On top of styling and directing each shoot, they took their own pictures.

#AExME is American Eagle’s brand platform aimed at making their marketing more authentic and it strays away from posed models and highly curated settings. All participants chosen for the campaign had been carefully scouted from social media as part of an initiative to honor “freedom, inclusion, empowerment and difference.”

The creative process was very simple: they used their cameras and intimate scenes, like their homes, to express their own stories.

There are a series of self-portraits and videos in the campaign, with person showcasing their own interests and passions. For example, Mariana “doesn’t shy away from pushing her own limits and discovering who she is in the form of music and her passions.” Daevin is “on a mission to spread positive energy through his pictures and interactions on social media.”


“As a brand, AE has been a pioneer in collaborating with today’s youth to support self-expression and prioritizing their individuality,” said Kessler.

This an example of just one more step the company is taking to grow its Gen Z following. Last year, American Eagle launched a campaign to advertise its Ne(X)t Level Jeans. It featured a “Make Moves” video set to Kendrick Lamar’s “DNA.” It showcased real, diverse customers revealing how they move during their daily routine.

Aerie—American Eagle’s intimate apparel brand—has been doing its own style of videos on YouTube. Instead of copying the TV ad format, the brand concentrated on short tutorials, fit guides and simple video backdrops. American Eagle and Aerie both collaborate with influencers and its been quite a success. Mobile Marketer noted a Gartner L2 report found influencer Iskra drove 57 percent of Aerie’s views on YouTube in 2017.