continues its push for experience-based accommodations by letting guests sleepover in a giant Coney Island sand castle. The three-day promotion corresponds with National Sandcastle Day on August 19 and features the work of Sand Masters star Matt Long.

In celebration of National Sandcastle Day, travelers can book an overnight stay in a mini-mansion built from 50 tons of sand. The “Sand-sion” construction will be overseen by Matt “Sandman” Long, known for his work on the Travel Channel show Sand Masters.

Booking opens on August 21 and guests can stay on August 23 or 24. The sandcastle accommodations were designed to look like a modern mansion that stands eight feet tall and 18 feet long and wide. The travel package includes dinner for two on the Coney Island Boardwalk, sunrise beach yoga and VIP passes to Luna Park, where the sandcastle is located. has priced the package at $29 per night as an homage to the 29th Annual Coney Island Beach Sand Sculpture Competition taking place on August 17.

The travel brand cited a 2019 study finding that 43 percent of travelers want to stay in an accommodation type they’ve never experienced before. The study was commissioned by and independently conducted among nearly 54,000 respondents across 321 markets.

The Sand-sion promotion is a continuation of recent campaigns that send guests to unusual sleepover locations. In March, the brand partnered with Madame Tussauds to offer a $99 “Ultimate Slumber Party with the Stars” package. The trip included VIP entry, dinner, snacks, breakfast and a “selfie butler” to make sure guests always looked their best for social media photo ops.

Last October, offered an exclusive one-night stay for two inside The San Francisco Dungeon, located in Fisherman’s Wharf. The Halloween-themed experience included dungeon-themed pajamas, snacks, as well as interactive activities like a bedtime ghost story and  “witching hour” séance.

Travel activities, which includes tours, activities and events, is the third-largest segment in travel, according to Deloitte, accounting for 10 percent of global travel revenue. Revenue generated by travel experiences is expected to reach $183 billion by 2020.

Several brands have taken advantage of National, International and internet holidays by creating themed experiences. For National Caramel Day last April 15, Werther’s partnered with Hasbro to create a life-sized Candyland game board at the Santa Monica Pier.

Pabst Blue Ribbon created its own holiday, but not for their beer. May 7 was declared the first National Mural Day in the U.S. which included a mural outreach program and artist partnerships.