CarGurus—the online car shopping service—is continuing their hit spot “The Detective” with a new campaign the “Detective: The Story Continues.” The campaign will resume the hilarious tale of the car shopper, so obsessed with finding the right car, his house turns into a would-be fictional detective’s office.

“Since launching its brand marketing initiative in early 2017, CarGurus have seen both aided and unaided brand awareness double, with the majority of in-market car shoppers in the U.S. now aware of CarGurus when prompted. Additionally, the branding campaigns have helped CarGurus become the largest car shopping site in the U.S. by unique monthly visitors and grow its U.S. average monthly sessions 49 percent year-over-year in Q3 2018,” CarGurus said in the press release.

The purpose of “The Detective” was to show how easy it is to use the CarGurus app. In the spot, the wife of the grizzled husband offers to help and finds a relevant car in a matter of seconds. The 30-second spot accumulated five million views on YouTube.

The ads that will reboot the campaign “Parents” and “Obvious,” reintroduce the original “Detective” characters and continue the aim of the first commercial–which is to emphasize the tools within the CarGurus app. The new 30-second spots will air in both broadcast and cable television networks and YouTube.

“We’re excited to share more of their story as they complete their car shopping journey and to see them both turn into evangelists for CarGurus,” Sarah Welch, SVP of consumer marketing at CarGurus, said in a statement.

With “Parents,” and “Obvious,” CarGurus is going back to worked well for them, in character and humor, after spending the last year using testimonial-style ads, or spots like “Hood” or “Emma.”

“Despite testing several other approaches to telling the CarGurus story, the ongoing strong performance of ‘The Detective’ spoke for itself and we couldn’t resist the opportunity to check back in on our couple,” said Welch.

CarGurus was founded in 2006 by TripAdvisor’s co-founder Langley Steinert and it went public in October 2017. In late December, according to AppAnnie, CarGurus’ app ranked 62 in the “Shopping” category and 976 overall in Apple’s app store.