Diageo is offering consumers different reasons to grab drinks throughout the day with its newly launched outdoor ad campaign. Signs located at parks, bus stops, subway stations change hourly in accordance to certain triggers—which include the weather, temperature and time of day—to promote its Gordon’s and Tanqueray gin brands along with Captain Morgan, Smirnoff and Smirnoff Cider in London.

For example, if it’s morning a sign may read, “Sun’s out, gin’s out.” Then it will switch to, “Too busy for a 5pm G&T? Not that busy,” when the sun sets. Other trigger events include a Smirnoff Cider sign that will show near parks when the temperature hits a certain level, with more datasets to be revealed.

According to Diageo, these outdoor signs are optimized hourly by location to the nearby audience to “stimulate consideration and purchase.” The dynamic signs will run three days a week, Thursday to Saturday, through December as a supplement to the company’s other out-of-home activities.

“Out-of-home always features heavily on our media plans because we value its brand building qualities and the rich creative canvas it provides, but the innovation we are seeing in the medium now means it can now offer so much more,” said Anita Robinson, European category director at Diageo, in a statement.

“Digital technology and dynamic scheduling allow us to be more agile and responsive than ever in terms of when and where we activate campaigns for our portfolio of brands while also providing significant business benefits from booking out-of-home at scale.”

Developed in partnership with Posterscope, the dynamic sign campaign represents “the most sophisticated and complex portfolio campaign” the location-based marketing specialist has ever done, as it maximizes the benefits of digital out-of-home advertising. The goal is not only to establish an overall presence for Diageo, but have one that can react to key moments for each product throughout the rest of the year.