We’re spotting a trend this year: Super Bowl ads that you don’t just watch but actively participate in.

Case in point, San Francisco-based company Expensify is rolling out a Super Bowl ad this year that features 2 Chainz and Adam Scott in a music video that is riddled with Easter eggs in the form of receipts that viewers can screenshot to “expense” with the app for a chance to win cash.

“Our Super Bowl campaign is clearly the biggest investment we’ve ever made—one that, if you had asked me 10 years ago, I would never have thought possible, ” said CEO David Barrett to AList. “But after a decade spending next to nothing on external marketing, focusing instead on the product and our people, it was time to make a splash. And, we don’t intend to stop here. It’s a new day for Expensify.”

The video is full of uncanny, dream-like sequences that segue in and out of animation showing 2 Chainz living the high life as a result of being able to expense his receipts.

The catchy full ad, uploaded to YouTube today clocks in at 3:51, but the company says the actual Super Bowl spot will be the usual 30 seconds.

The company’s YouTube channel even includes an instructions video that details how to participate and a shorter, 15-second spot that encourages viewers to go to their microsite, Expensifythis.com. There will also be additional chances to win with “more items you can expense” on their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

“The first music video you can expense is essentially a product demo—one that showcases the spirit and functionality of Expensify—wrapped up in an awesome and fun idea,” said Barrett.

“The project has more creativity, star power, energy and personality than we could have imagined and we’re so proud of the way it turned out.”

This is the company’s first foray into the Super Bowl, having been around since 2008, and constitutes a significant marketing push for the service, who, previous to this push had “grown 100 percent through word of mouth” according to Barrett.

When asked why the company chose the Super Bowl as the first marketing push for Expensify, Barrett cited not just the reach, but the prestige of the placement.

“There’s countless reasons to run a Super Bowl campaign—the eyeballs, the engagement, the growth opportunities, the esteem. But honestly, it’s just fun. That’s what we’re all about.”

While the campaign officially kicks off next week, they plan to continue the push through the 61st Annual Grammy Awards in February “and beyond,” and will include additional digital and film content, takeovers, digital banners and out-of-home advertising according to a press release.

This also coincides with a rebranding of Expensify, with a new logo unveiled earlier this week.