teamed up with Lisa Frank and Barsala to design a downtown Los Angeles-based ‘90s-nostalgic penthouse, full of the pop culture icon’s whimsical prints and characters. The “Lisa Frank Flat” will be open for booking starting October 11 through October 27 for $199 per night.

The flat is replete with social media photo opps and therefore every millennial’s dream. From a technicolor window display to a wall mural and even a light-up canopy bed, the flat is an example of immersive marketing at its finest. More Instagrammable moments will be made possible courtesy of the flat’s underwater dolphin fantasy bathroom, neon light fixtures and minibar stocked with free throwback lunchbox treats like Cheez Balls, Pop-Tarts and Pixy Stix, to name a few.

Guests will enjoy limited-edition Lisa Frank swag including multi-pattern plush robes, sleep masks and slipper sets—which they can take home with them. Before checking out, guests are encouraged to sign the flat’s guestbook in neon gel pen.

An experience that transports millennials to an era when things were easier and the world was calmer could be Lisa Frank’s attempt at a brand revival. In a press release, the Lisa Frank team said, “Over the past four decades, Lisa Frank fans have grown up enjoying our art in many forms. Many of them now book hotel rooms for themselves and their families . . .”

Lisa Frank’s colorful designs defined pop culture in the ‘80s and ‘90s, becoming so popular that the brand’s 300,000-square foot factory was reportedly producing $250 million of product a year. 2013, however, marked the brand’s demise when it went from 350 employees to six. 

Since then, maintaining the Lisa Frank pulse has proved seemingly difficult as the brand launches one-off collaborations sporadically. In 2017, Target announced a collection of signature Lisa Frank pajamas. That same year, launched a collection of debit cards in a variety of 31 Lisa Frank-inspired designs. The pre-paid debit cards can be filled in advance with the option of two day-advance direct deposit.