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Beauty Brands: You Should Be Scrambling To Get In The Live Music Game
Campaign US

New research from Live Nation finds that women spend “more time, money and energy on beauty [during] live music events.” There’s also other insightful statistics indicating an untapped overlap that should pique the interest of beauty brands.

Why it matters: Beauty brand marketers should look at the purchasing habits of concert-goers cited here, coupled with the supercharged social activity around showcasing festival-looks and pre-concert care routines for ample motivation to get their event strategy “festival ready.”

Google: Super Bowl Ads Lag Behind When It Comes To Gender Equality

If they can see it, they can be it. The problem is, new findings from Google show that Super Bowl ads are more likely to feature men than women. Doubly concerning, when women are featured in these ads they’re more likely to be portrayed stereotypically.

Why it matters: “Google said its ongoing work with the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media has helped it determine that marketing content on YouTube that features female leads and gender-balanced content drew 30 percent more views than male-dominant fare, despite representing less than one-half of the videos studied by the two parties.”

Amazon’s Ad Sales Surge 41 Percent To Record $4.8B
Marketing Dive

Amazon continues to threaten Google and Facebook’s ad business as the juggernaut hit a record $4.8 billion during its holiday quarter.

Why it matters: Underlying Amazon’s ad growth is the fact that the service “offers brands a unique opportunity to advertise to consumers as they’re ready to purchase on the site,” a prospect no doubt driving the ad sales leap of 41 percent.

How To Go Viral On TikTok, Via A Company With 1.2M Followers And 31M Likes

Joe Caporoso, SVP of content and brand platforms at media and entertainment company Whistle shares what’s been working for them on TikTok.

Why it matters: Growth on the platform should encourage brands to enter the TikTok fray… but keep these tips from Whistle in mind.

Here’s What You Get When An AI Makes a Super Bowl Ad Bingo Card

Spend some of your Friday afternoon in the uncanny valley of AI-generated Super Bowl ad bingo.

Why it matters: It’s either the pinnacle of neural networking or an excuse to guffaw over Super Bowl ad tropes, as determined by Adweek’s pitching bot.

What Next for Advertisers, Ad-Tech And Publishers In A Cookie-Free World?

The cookie is crumbling. Here’s what’s next for the digital advertising industry as we face a cookie-free world.

Why it matters: This is a call to arms for advertisers, publishers and ad-tech companies: are you ready for big changes to the advertising ecosystem?

Advertisers Are Using Lifelike Avatars To Drum Up Brand Awareness

Avatars are being used by brands seeking something a little extra, and personal, when communicating with fans.

Why it matters: “It’s a more authentic experience than a typical paid promotion on an Instagram post, and it just seems more organic,” says Taylor Siccard, co-founder of ecommerce holdings company Win Brands Group.

Advertising Trades Urge California Attorney General To Delay CCPA

Advertising trade groups including 4A’s, American Advertising Federation, Association of National Advertisers, Interactive Advertising Bureau and Network Advertising Initiative have requested a delay in the enforcement of the CCPA.

Why it matters: With unprecedented requirements being added to drafted CCPA legislation, the industry does not feel it is ready to comply with upcoming privacy regulations.

4 Key Ways The Ad Experience Will Be Reinvented Next Decade
Ad Age

The times they are a-changin’. Ad Age looks to their crystal ball to identify four major ways we’ll see ad experiences reinvented in the 2020’s.

Why it matters: New technology, regulations and generational shifts mean new approaches to advertising. It’s time to take stock of these changes to understand how they will impact your work in the next decade.

Lil Nas X Stays Authentic In His Brand Partnerships

Country crossover phenom Lil Nas X has partnered with brands like Panera, Wrangler and now for the Super Bowl, Doritos. Adweek interviewed Lil Nas X and Jennifer Frommer, SVP, creative content and brand partnerships at Columbia Records for insight into how they navigate partnerships and teach brands to talk to a new generation of consumers more authentically.

Why it matters: The secret sauce behind Lil Nas X’s authentic partnerships can be iterative for brands looking to enter into similar celebrity partnerships.

How 7 Brands Stood Out In A More Subdued Sundance 2020

A look at Sundance Film Festival brand highlights from Audible, HBO, Pizza Hut and more.

Why it matters: While notably more “subdued” than previous Sundance Film Festivals, brands met attendees with pop-up experiences and more at the 36th annual Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

83% Americans Expect To Have Control Over How Their Data Is Used At A Business, Reports DataGrail
MarTech Advisor

Just in time for National Data Privacy Day: DataGrail released new research findings indicating that Americans expect more control over their personal information online.

Why it matters: The findings align with our previous coverage of consumer expectations of data privacy; the overwhelming majority of Americans expect more control over how their personal data is used by businesses collecting it. They also harbor concerns over data monitoring and collection practices employed by businesses collecting their personal information.

Generation Z Is Upending Influencer Marketing
The Drum

A breakdown of Gen Z’s identifying characteristics and tactics for attracting them to brand conversations, specifically as it relates to Gen Z influencers.

Why it matters: Staying relevant means understanding generational motivations, habits and interests.

Digiday Research: Advertisers Are More Worried About The End Of Third-Party Cookies Than Publishers

The latest findings from Digiday Research about advertiser and publisher outlook in the early days of the vanishing third-party cookie.

Why it matters: It’s time to give serious thought to how the end of the third-party cookie will limit ad targeting and measurement abilities.

Experience Marketing Is The New Kid On The Block
The Drum

Here’s something else we can blame on Millennials: experiential marketing.

Why it matters
: “We must focus on customer experience; products come and go, but there will always be a market for truly remarkable experiences,” notes the authors as one of the key takeaways.

Estée Lauder, Sephora Unveil Shoppable AR Makeup Try-Ons On Pinterest
Mobile Marketer

Pinterest’s new shoppable augmented reality (AR) feature is being used by a number of beauty brands including Estée Lauder, Sephora, bareMinerals, Neutrogena, NYX Professional Makeup, YSL Beauté, Lancôme and Urban Decay from L’Oréal.

Why it matters: Pinners will have a more immersive shopping experience on Pinterest, and as Mobile Marketer points out, “the beauty and personal care categories are especially popular among Pinterest users” and that “eighty-seven percent of those who view those categories visit Pinterest while considering products to purchase, but are undecided, per survey data from researcher GfK.” Brands are betting that AR will help consumers make a decision in their favor.

Here’s What Research Reveals About 12 Years Of Super Bowl Ads
Forbes: CMO Network

Kantar managing partner Satya Menon shares research on Super Bowl ad effectiveness and how marketers can deliver on game day.

Why it matters: There are many assumptions about what a big game day ad can do for your brand, but researchers urge marketing execs to do more homework to see if there’s data-driven support for strongly held Super Bowl ad performance beliefs.

One Size Does Not Fit All For Brands In Music
Marketing Dive

This guest post from Marketing Dive pairs objectives with tactics for those who are looking for actionable strategy around music marketing initiatives.

Why it matters: By better understanding how to customize the standard business objectives (brand affinity, launch and rewards), marketers will be better able to leverage the expected growth in music marketing budgets in the coming year.

Now That Facebook Lets Users Clear Internet Tracks, Marketers Lose Another Signal To Target Ads
Ad Age

Facebook’s ‘clear history’ button spells retargeting woes for marketers on the platform.

Why it matters: Losing another way to track potential customers’ footprints will restrict marketers from targeting those that take charge of their privacy on Facebook. However, as Aaron Goldman, CMO at 4C notes, “Consumers have a track record of apathy when it comes to actively managing their privacy.”

Loyalty Drivers Grow Complex As Consumers Get More Complicated, Report Says
Marketing Dive

Brand Keys released the results of its latest Customer Loyalty Engagement Index.

Why it matters: See which brands are getting it right when it comes to customer loyalty.

Agencies Have ‘Healthier’ Cultures Than Brand-Side Marketing Teams, Study Finds

The latest results from the “Creative Industries Culture Index,” a diagnostic tool designed to “improve commercial performance by delving into an organization’s culture,” indicate a better working culture for agency marketers rather than those on the brand-side.

Why it matters: “The more the personal and desired values of respondents were reflected in what they see at work, the healthier the work culture.”

Just Because You’re Compliant With COPPA Doesn’t Mean You’re Cool Under CCPA Or GDPR

“Just because you’re compliant with [the] Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), doesn’t mean you’re compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), or the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).”

Why it matters: With so many recent privacy initiatives, it’s important to ensure you’re compliant with all variations. To not do so is to risk violating consumer rights.

How Global Advertisers Are Pushing For A New Approach To Brand Safety

The world’s largest advertisers are pushing for broad initiatives in the industry to combat the issue of brand safety.

Why it matters: Brand safety is a massive undertaking with a profound impact. More than 80 percent of consumers have said that their purchasing decisions would be affected by product advertisements situated next to materials deemed not-brand safe.

Retailers See 42% Of Online Sales From Mobile Devices, Study Says
Mobile Marketer

Messaging software company Quiq released a study showing that “retailers are generating 42% of their online sales from mobile devices such as smartphones.”

Why it matters: From Mobile Marketer’s breakdown: “While almost two-thirds (62%) of retailers said they’re integrating mobile technology into e-commerce and operations, only 14% described themselves as a “mobile-first organization.”

Nike, BodyArmor & The NBA Lead Brands In Mourning The Death Of Kobe Bryant
The Drum

Brands are celebrating the life of the late Kobe Bryant after Sunday’s tragic accident.

Why it matters: Bryant’s ambassadorships, investments and endorsements created a multitude of relationships with brands, even post-retirement. Here’s how brands like Nike are navigating celebrating his legacy.

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