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Campaign Planning: Rolling With The Punches


Programmatic associate director at Croud, Connie Del Bono, says while planning privacy-compliant campaigns, it’s important for brands to work closely with all partners to ensure they collect a minimal amount of personally identifiable data, adapt personalization approaches based on segmentation of users who may be more receptive to personalization, implement frequency management and leverage contextual targeting, which can lead to more interested potential prospects. 

Why it matters: COVID has added another array of challenges to campaign planning, requiring marketers to take a fluid and agile approach to creating a robust campaign.

Instant Messaging Will Reach 4.3B Users In 2020

Mobile Marketer

The number of people who use instant messaging will increase nine percent to 4.3 billion in 2020, according to a new forecast from Juniper Research. Additionally, the number of smartphones equipped with rich communication services (RCS) technology will rise 45 percent to more than 740 million in 2020.

Why it matters: Juniper advises marketers not to wait for RCS to hit the mainstream and to develop strategies specific to instant messaging, which will require efforts in enhancing digital payment options.

Some Brands Have Been Caught Off Guard


COVID-19 has hit travel, retail and hospitality hard while food delivery, alcohol and porn are thriving. For some companies that operate within the same industry, that isn’t the case—Chipotle remains unscathed and Tesla is worth the same as it was pre-pandemic. 

Why it matters: Community, heritage, design and beliefs work when you’re selling alcohol, luxury goods, cars and clothing given these purchases are social in nature. In addition, some CEOs tend to overestimate how unique they are. Whether customers care if your company lives or dies after the pandemic depends on how much they value you.

The Top 5 Creative Brand Ideas You Need To Know About Right Now: May 27, 2020

Ad Age

A group of creatives launched a community-driven advertising school taught by industry execs for aspiring creatives over the course of 12 weeks. Reddit users can access the lessons and assignments once the course wraps.

Among other top creative brand ideas, Walmart turned a poem written by one of its employees into a mixed-media sport that honors its team members; Burger King released a campaign around its Whopper stuffed with extra onions to encourage social distancing; WorkinProgress tapped teachers around the country to contribute to mini virtual lessons that are being displayed on digital signs around the US and Ajinomoto tackled anti-Asian racism with a video campaign featuring celebrities calling out racist acts driven by COVID.

Why it matters: Brands continue crafting ads around COVID sensitivities despite recent studies that reveal consumers are ready to hear from brands about non-COVID related topics.

Brand Safety Best Practices During An Evolving News Cycle: Experts Share Insights On Brand Safety Measures Amid Covid-19 Crisis

The Drum

Misconceptions about content blocking are making it hard for brands to monetize this type of content and in turn, engage audiences during COVID.

Why it matters: Brands and agencies are working much closer to address complacency about brand safety, which as a result of the pandemic has required more sophisticated controls that enable brands to balance protection and reach.