Cannabis retailer MedMen launched its most expansive campaign to date this week, sending a message that marijuana is the “new normal.” This point is further accentuated by the fact that MedMen could afford A-list talent, including Academy Award-winning director Spike Jonze (Her) and actor Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy).

“The New Normal” begins in a museum, where visitors observe George Washington’s hemp farm. Williams narrates a journey through America’s sorted history with marijuana, from “Reefer Madness” to hippies and the war on drugs. Each scene is depicted like a diorama, with actors frozen in time like the mannequin challenge meme. The spot ends in a mild-mannered suburban neighborhood, claiming that marijuana is the new normal, creating jobs and helping people in a variety of ways.

MedMen’s project is made up of crew and cast members that have personal relationships with cannabis including veterans, former law enforcement, formerly incarcerated drug offenders and cannabis industry entrepreneurs.

Director Spike Jonze is taking the message even further by creating a short documentary with filmmaker Molly Schiot. The documentary was shot on the set of “The New Normal” and explores the themes in more detail.

Jonze approached the project as the story of a dysfunctional couple.

“The relationship started in such a healthy place, with even our Founding Fathers having hemp farms, but it got so tragically messed up in the 80 years of prohibition that we couldn’t see straight,” said Jonze in a press release. “We are at that point in a relationship where a couple is calming down after a fight and realizing how irrational they were and trying to make amends.”

Cannabis may be more normalized in American culture, but that doesn’t mean it’s legal everywhere, which limits MedMen’s ability to advertise on network TV—even in states where the drug has been legalized. The brand is pushing its campaign on a variety of other platforms, however, including connected TV networks, print, podcasts and its first movie theater appearance throughout California, Nevada and Michigan.

“The New Normal” continues MedMen’s brand message of rethinking stereotypes. The dispensary brand released two major campaigns last year, “Faces” and “Forget Stoner;” each designed to shine a light on the growing demographic. Instagram-like images featured characters like a chef, police officer and designer, each with the word “stoner” crossed out.

“Cannabis is part of our country’s history,” said MedMen CEO and co-founder Adam Bierman in a statement. “We’ve moved away from the propaganda of the past and into a world where cannabis is the new normal. We want this commercial to educate and embolden in equal measures. This is our opportunity to make a statement on a national stage.”

MedMen stands to benefit from continued normalization and legalization of marijuana, but they aren’t alone. The legal marijuana industry is predicted to reach $1.46 billion by the year 2025, according to Grand View Research. Despite advertising hurdles, brands are finding ways to reach audiences with luxury style branding and education.