3M’s Post-it Brand launched a global campaign encouraging students to “Think Loud,” with five, 15-second video spots that spotlight how writing down ideas helps actualize them. The campaign was announced across the brand’s site and social channels ahead of the back to school season, and will extend to television in late July.

The series of animated spots feature students in real-life situations utilizing Post-it Notes for different purposes to help them reach their academic and extracurricular goals. In a spot that reminds consumers Post-it Notes aren’t just for studying, a student draws a cupid’s arrow on a Post-it Note that then transforms into a band of traveling Post-it Notes, making its way onto the desk of the student’s crush. Another spot shows a student stick a note in her locker that says, “Run for president.” When she shuts the locker door, the Post-it Notes multiply and come to life in the form of a life-size campaign mural that spells out, “Vote Zoe.”

One of the spots, yet to be released, ushers the brand into the digital device age. The spot will introduce the Post-it App, available on Apple devices and launching in late July for Android devices. The app allows users to capture more than 200 individual square Post-it Notes at a time with their mobile camera, provides the ability to add new digital notes to existing notes and lets you organize them by topic or on a grid. Making it easy to share ideas from multiple sessions, the app also gives users the option of uploading their notes to multiple applications such as Powerpoint, Excel, PDF, Dropbox and more.

Post-it Note’s “Think Loud” campaign is part of the brand’s ongoing efforts to engage consumers and promote 3M products via fresh and actionable content. In 2015, 3M repositioned targeted banner ads by turning them into Post-it Notes on which users could jot down information. Looking to attract millennials and GenZ, in 2018 Post-it Brand tapped pop singer Hailee Steinfeld for a back-to-school campaign urging Instagram users to join thousands of other students by writing their goals down to #MakeItStick. To date, 3M continuously delivers videos that educate consumers on its products for DIY projects through its 3M DIY web portal.

“The campaign was built upon this question: How many brilliant thoughts, world-changing ideas, spectacular inventions and important meetings never happen, just because we don’t get them out of our heads?” said Jennifer Stoltenow, brand communications manager of the Post-it Brand. “To set forth a new brand story on a global scale, we have created a campaign that encourages people not to keep things bottled up in their heads but, rather, to Think Loud, because when captured on Post-it® Notes, ideas become real.”