SNICKERS is launching a micro-gifting initiative called “Big Mood” to encourage fans of the candy bar to re-connect and share a laugh with a friend. The promotion lasts through September. To participate, consumers need to text BIG MOOD to 62770 or scan the quick response (QR) code on Big Mood displays in Walmart stores. Then they’ll be directed to a site where they can enter a friend or love one’s information, including phone number. In exchange for $1.65 paid by the gifter, the recipient will receive a gift card to redeem a SNICKERS Bar at any Walmart store. The slogan, “Pick a mood. Personalize it. Pay.” appears on the campaign ads. For a seamless integration, the initiative utilizes Popwallet to give participants the chance to pay via Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

To help spread the campaign’s feel-good message, SNICKERS tapped YouTube star Caleon Fox to create six comical video spots that reflect an array of sentiments including “Lovey Dovey,” “Say What Not?!” “Surprised Like Whoa,” “Whoops, Fumbled That,” “Uh-Huh Sure” and “Ferociously Hungry.” Recipients of the gifting program, in addition to receiving a gift card redeemable for a SNICKERS Bar, will receive one of the custom videos created by Fox. 

“At Mars, we want to leverage technologies that will bring the world closer together. For SNICKERS, that means giving our fans new ways to experience satisfaction. With ‘Big Mood,’ not only are they giving a candy bar that is sure to satisfy, they also are getting the satisfaction of connecting with others – and the opportunity to pay it forward with their own ‘Big Mood’ gift,” said Josh Olken, brand director, SNICKERS.