This week in social media news, LinkedIn expands its native live-streaming to all company pages, Instagram is officially testing direct messaging on desktop and a new report shows Facebook-owned apps dominated downloads in 2019.

LinkedIn Expands Live-Streaming

LinkedIn Live, which was originally available only to selected users, can now be used by any company page through the page manager who needs to apply for access.

Why it matters: Expanding its native live-streaming feature aligns with current user habits as LinkedIn users are 20 times more likely to share a video on the platform than any other form of content. With live-streaming, brands have seen seven times more reactions and 24 times more comments versus standard video posts on LinkedIn, enabling them to better humanize their brand.

The details: LinkedIn’s live-streaming option was only available in the US, but this new update will allow any company page to reach page followers via sight and sound. The platform plans to support video streaming via third-party tools including Socialive, Wirecast and Restream.

Instagram In Test Phase Of Desktop-Based Direct Messaging

Instagram has confirmed that it will give a select group of users access to direct messaging through its desktop version.

Why it matters: Access to direct messaging on the web-based version of Instagram will let marketers more efficiently monitor customer service queries. The expansion will also benefit those users who have restrictive data plans or limited network access.

The details: Instagram’s web-based DM test was first spotted in February last year, but the platform says the process is currently “still very much in test phase.” Per Social Media Today, reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, upon first discovering the test, noticed that through DM on Instagram’s desktop version, thread information is displayed as a sidebar similar to Facebook messenger.

Facebook-Owned Apps Top Most Downloaded List Of 2019

Sensor Tower’s latest data report lists the most downloaded apps of 2019 across Android and iOS with Facebook leading the way.

Why it matters: Though Facebook-owned apps dominated Sensor Tower’s list, the data shows that TikTok outpaced Facebook messenger and Facebook itself. 

The details: WhatsApp came in first, Facebook messenger in third, Facebook in fourth and Instagram in fifth. It’s no surprise that TikTok landed the second spot on the list but what’s interesting is that Twitter was at the bottom. Short-form video app Likee, which has over 200 million users worldwide, came in sixth, just under Instagram.

TikTok Testing New Content Stream Inspired By Snapchat

According to The Financial Times, TikTok is looking to add a curated content stream, which would highlight selected content from popular creators and professional publishers.

Why it matters: TikTok has come under fire for displaying controversial posts that appear next to ads. A highlight stream similar to that of Snapchat’s discover stream would allow TikTok to maximize its revenue potential while giving moderators more control over top content. 

The details: TikTok seems to be following in the footsteps of Snapchat, which has seen huge success with its discover feed. In Q3 2019, Snapchat said that over 100 of its discover channels now reach, on average, audiences in the double-digit millions monthly. A curated stream for TikTok would give it more control over users’ viewing experience.

Twitter Considers Tipping Via Tweets And A User Rating System

On a mission to improve the overall Twitter experience, the platform is considering adding more features such as its own payment options and a user rating system.

Why it matters: Exchanging money through tweets could give popular tweeters a new revenue stream and having a user rating system in place could prevent negative behavior from bullies and trolls.

The details: According to The Information, Twitter users could potentially one day send each other money via tweets though no such project is actively in development. The second feature Twitter is thinking of adding is a user rating system like on Lyft, which would work to provide “an understanding within the marketplace that if you behave a certain way, that your reputation will be impacted in a way that can have adverse consequences.”

Pinterest Becomes Third Top US Social Network, Beating Snapchat

An eMarketer report says that in 2019, Pinterest outpaced Snapchat, making it the third-most-popular social network in the US behind Facebook.

Why it matters: Pinterest avoids being labeled as a social network but it continues to introduce features that emphasize commerce through shoppable media. Its new features for mobile marketers and the fact that it went public in April last year may have contributed to its expansion.

The details: eMarketer estimates that Pinterest’s user base grew 9.1 percent to 82.4 million last year whereas Snapchat grew 5.9 percent to 80.2 million. This year, Pinterest will expand 2.8 percent to 88.3 million and Snapchat will grow 3.6 percent to 83.1 million.

Facebook Gaming Outperforms Twitch, YouTube And Mixer

According to Mobile Marketer, a study by StreamElements and found that last month users on Facebook increased viewing times of gaming livestreams by 210 percent from a year prior.

Why it matters: Last week, The Information reported that Twitch’s ad revenues fell short of expected revenues by 50 percent. Further indicating Twitch’s decline is the fact that the platform’s share of the live streaming market slipped from 67 percent in 2018 to 61 percent in 2019. Twitch launched in 2011 while Facebook Gaming started in 2018.

The details: The study shows that last month Facebook Gaming boosted its share of live streaming to 8.5 percent from 3.1 percent a year earlier, maintaining its position as the third most popular platform. In comparison, YouTube Gaming holds a 28 percent share while Mixer ranges from two percent to three percent. 

Reddit Bans Content That Deceptively Impersonates People, Entities 

In an update to its guidelines, Reddit has outlawed impersonations and deepfake content.

Why it matters: Reddit is following competing platforms’ lead as Facebook and TikTok recently also banned misleading manipulated videos.

The details: Though Reddit stated that impersonation is one of the “rarest report classes we receive,” it said that the move is a precautionary one meant to prevent “malicious deep fakes of politicians . . . or other, lower-tech forged or manipulated content that misleads.”

Male Influencers Are Earning More Than Female Influencers

Influencer analytics company HypeAuditor surveyed over 1,600 influencers from over 40 countries and found a growing pay gap between male and female influencers. 

Why it matters: The findings aren’t surprising given the lack of industry standards and rules in the influencer marketing industry.

The details: The report splits influencer fees into four categories: ‘per post,’ ‘per story,’ ‘per post and story’ and ‘per post, story and video’ (excluding IGTV). With the average price of $1,411 per post for male influencers versus $1,315 for female influencers, there’s a seven percent difference between the average price. Additionally, male influencers receive 34 percent more for stories as their average price per story is $809 compared to $633 for females.

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