SpikedSeltzer is using the impending L Train shutdown to connect with communities in Brooklyn, New York. The alcoholic sparkling water brand has erected a billboard in Williamsburg that reads, “Pour Some Out For the L” and will take an active role in helping residents adjust.

From August 28 to August 30 SpikedSeltzer will give away free bicycles or moving boxes to residents from 5:30-7:30 p.m. to help ease anxiety over the impending transportation or living situation. The bicycles, which feature SpikedSeltzer’s white and blue colors, will be free to the first 20 residents who arrive at the aforementioned billboard.

Those packing up and moving on will receive brand-colored moving boxes, each with a discount code for purchasing the alcoholic sparkling beverage through Drizzly. SpikedSeltzer’s giveaway is open to Brooklyn residents only, who much show proof of age and address.

New York’s L Train will be down for repairs during the weekends beginning in October and down completely for 15 months beginning April 2019. The Canarsie Tunnel reconstruction project will leave the L Train’s 400,000 daily passengers with an ultimatum—either find another method of transportation or move to a different area of the city.

The brand also used a similar marketing approach to engage consumers during the royal wedding in May. Brides of legal drinking age were encouraged to enter a giveaway through SpikedSeltzer’s Instagram page for a chance to shop for a mermaid-style wedding dress at Kleinfeld in New York.

Say Yes! To the Mermaid” and “Pour Some Out For the L” are both a part of SpikedSeltzer’s “Follow Your Siren” campaign that launched earlier this year. Acquired by Anheiser-Busch two years ago, the spirits brand is credited with offering the first spiked seltzer in 2012.

The nationwide campaign and situational marketing efforts will help the brand compete in the industry it started, which garnered over $257 million in the first half of 2018.