Twitch has announced the third annual SUBtember, a month-long marketing campaign where members of the Twitch community can show love for their favorite streamers through discounted subscriptions. In partnership with Subway, the activation offers Twitch users a 50 percent discount on Tier 1 subscriptions made on a web browser or the Twitch desktop app.

Subscribers who sign up for SUBtember between September 3 through September 24 will receive access to ad-free viewing, subscriber badges and exclusive subscriber content with the added benefit that they can subscribe to an unlimited number of channels using the half-off promotion. Twitch creators will continue to receive the full subscription value during SUBtember.

This year, in addition to its regular SUBtember offerings, Subway will gift subscriptions in various channels throughout September as well as throw in 10 percent more Bits—Twitch currency—when subscribers Cheer, or tip streamers, 10 or more in any affiliate or partner channel. 

Subway and Twitch launched the first SUBtember campaign in 2017.