Comedic content marketing for Glacéau Vitaminwater xxx has been spotted in some unexpected places on the internet and in the real world. These promotions highlight fictional products, groups and characters from nonsensical movies about dogs to a fake university—each associated with a different Vitaminwater flavor.

Over the past month, the Coca-Cola Company has rolled out a number of ads for Glacéau Vitaminwater xxx that have one thing in common—they pretend to be marketing something else.

Dogs Lost In A Maze That Is Also In Egypt

This “maze-related action/adventure” appeared on Rotten Tomatoes as a full-page ad made to look like any another movie page on the site. “Financed” by Vitaminwater xxx, DLIAMTIAIE comes with a “Pome-Meter” of just three percent and admits that it lacks “any plot whatsoever.”

A trailer for the film launched on Rotten Tomatoes and also on YouTube, ending with a shot of Glacéau Vitaminwater xxx in Açaí-Blueberry-Pomegranate.

It’s Ya Boy Chaz Lemon

Yung Rind is a young rapper obsessed with lemons. He debuted four tracks on SoundCloud to promote his new album, “It’s Ya Boy Chaz Lemon,” in which he raps about topics like changing his name to something equally citrus-themed, likens dating to choosing produce and being acidic (or “a$$idic” if you’re a gangsta).

Although the fictional rapper’s bio doesn’t mention a specific flavor of Vitaminwater, it’s probably a safe bet to assume he prefers Squeezed Lemonade.

Kiwi-Strawberry University

This fictional college parodies real university marketing with a website and promotional video that highlights just how little its alumni know. K-SU offers a “medium-to-low” standard of excellence and offers its attendees the chance to do what they love, “as long as what you love is fruit-flavored things.” Classes offered range from a history of Kiwis to Criminal Law and Recess.

Hidden in the promotional video and also listed on the site is a phone number that when called, prompts a recording that you will be connected with Brandon as long as he can “squeeze you in.” According to the website, Brandon is a graduate of 2014 and he is waiting to offer long-winded advice about owning a headset. Thankfully (or not), he is not able to squeeze you in and the call is ended.

Also on the site is a fond farewell to Dr. Professor. Emailing him will send an out-of-office message saying he is wandering the globe in search of life’s great mysteries.

Xavier Xander Xenos

An article has been created on Wiki site Fandom that details a mysterious character called Xavier Xander Xenos. Claiming to be 3,000 years old, this grisly man in a hat and trenchcoat is the “last known renegade fruit flavor hunter of our time.” He seems to prefer the Açaí-Blueberry-Pomegranate, however.

On Reddit, a post on the r/mystery subreddit recalls an encounter in which Xenos was spotted in Tempe, AZ but used the glare off his Vitaminwater xxx to temporarily blind the spectator before disappearing.

The Fandom page warns that if Xenos is spotted, do not shake his hand, assume he is a magician, attempt to gather evidence of his existence and whatever you do, do not offer him dessert lest he do something “drastic.”

The ads have also been seen OOH, hiding in plain sight as consumers travel throughout the city. Some have taken notice, however, sharing photos of the covert ads on social media.

During the company’s Q2 earnings call, Coca-Cola’s CEO James Quincey noted that promoting reduced or sugar-free beverages has been successful globally, but especially in North America.

The Coca-Cola Company has not responded for comment.