Twentieth Century Fox released an emotive video spot in honor of X-Men Day showing notable castmembers reflecting on the X-Men legacy amid scenes from the franchise’s highly anticipated film Dark Phoenix. The studio launched several social media activations in a push to pre-order tickets to the film, coming out June 7.

The campaign aims for people’s hearts (and wallets) with 20 years of nostalgia. It was backed on social media by star Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones) who played Jean Grey in past few X-Men films and the title character in the upcoming Dark Phoenix film.

Snapchat debuted an exclusive AR filter that, once scanned, transforms the users’ eyes and complexion to that of the Dark Phoenix. The filter also gives users the ability to experience Jean’s supernatural transformation into Dark Phoenix as it prompts you to “Raise your hand to reveal your dark side.”

The sponsored lens on Snapchat, though extremely expensive, has become a popular way to give consumers an interactive experience with a film before it premieres, building valuable hype that yields user-generated content and brand awareness.

As a result of the X-Men Day campaign, #DarkPhoenix began trending on Twitter and has garnered attention from fans and the film’s cast alike across social media. In addition to the Snapchat filter, the Twitter hashtag Dark Phoenix is accompanied by a unique emoji. The X-Men franchise also released 10 exclusive Dark Phoenix posters.

Dark Phoenix will be the twelfth movie released in the X-Men film series, the seventh highest-grossing film series, having grossed over $5.7 billion worldwide. The X-Men franchise will conclude its current storyline with Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants in 2020. But, with Disney’s recent acquisition of 20th Century Fox, a reboot is expected at some point in the future.